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European Craftsmanship

There is a sense of history in England that lives on even today in our fast paced modern world.  Our craftsmen take pride in what we build and how they build it for you and your family.  They take pride in knowing what they create today will be passed down for generations to come. And, that matters to us as individuals and as a company.  Quality, integrity, and sense of staying power resonate throughout our collections.  We know trends may come and go, but our pieces stay grounded around a traditional hand knotted rug, an avocado green shag rug, a linoleum floor, or a natural fiber sisal. Just like a timeless Prada hand bag or a classic Chanel dress these styles are here to stay. The same is true with our reproductions.

Each craftsman has a bench they work from each day creating your chest or chair or coffee table until completion.  We make it one leg at a time, one drawer at a time, and one piece of furniture at a time.  Words like mass production and assembly lines mean nothing to us and are not in our vocabulary.

Our craftsmen spent many years as apprentices working from the best furniture makers around Europe.  They continue their education today by visiting National Trust properties and museums to study over and over again how old pieces look and feel.  It shows.  We take pride in hearing our reproductions are often mistaken for antiques.

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